Whenever we go to a customer, quality is our commitment.

Safety is considered to be the top priority all the time.
Supported and operated under concept of Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Point, our ultimate efforts are made to guarantee our products safe and free from contamination.
Microbiological standards will be verified carefully to exceed industry standard.

Four tanks of provisional finished products before packing make it possible for us to check, control and track the quality to every batch.
Samples are taken at random and tested strictly not only before, but also after package.
The batch number and production date printed on every bag provide us exact quality information from the feedback of our customers and end-users.
Our production line is automatically controlled from material feeding to packing, it makes every operation work stably, greatly overcome man-made mistakes, and reduce contamination to minimum.
Automatic control makes quality consistent, we can easily make adjustment of working parameters to satisfy customers with different quality demands.
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